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Call Detail Record (CDR) Data to Verify Performance Under Traffic Load

Test Call Generators are an effective way to maximize revenue capture from networks and network equipment by enabling NEMs and VoIP / Mobile service providers to verify new equipment, and to perform predeployment testing and development testing. Ensuring the functionality, quality, and timeliness of network functions is critical in order to ensure maximum ROI.

The output from a Test Call Generator most commonly comes in the form of CDR (Call Detail Record) data, which includes information such as call time, duration, Quality of Service (QoS), traffic, and billing details. Test engineers are able to use the metrics in the report, such as MOS (Mean Opinion Score), call latency, and jitter, in order to identify quality issues or network performance issues. Some examples of scenarios that could be run by the test engineer include:

  • Real-time call and data testing
  • Validating new network components through network performance testing
  • Reconciliation of test CDRs to production CDRs
  • Verification of charging policies
  • Call rating validation for commercial billing
  • Testing for compliance with standards

As part of Valid8's comprehensive testing toolkit are a number of test call generators for testing wireline and wireless networks, including 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT, WebRTC, VoIP, POTS, and more. An example CDR output from a test on the Valid8 platform is shown below:

Valid8 CDR

For small companies that are looking to use test call generators as a part of their overall testing strategy, the Valid8 platform is a cost-effective way to ensure QoS. For more information on Test Call Generation or Valid8, please visit our website at www.valid8.com.

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