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Network Testing and Smart Cities at Mobile World Congress

In a few weeks, technology executives and innovative thinkers from around the world will gather in Barcelona for the 2017 Mobile World Congress. Among the many topics being discussed this year is “Smart Cities”. Several sessions talk about how smart cities are brought to life, the way citizens will connect with smart cities as well as demos of technologies such as smart parking sensors and connected waste bins.

A few years ago, ComputerWorld wrote an article, “Just what IS a smart city?” where the author discussed technologies as simple as sensors on streetlights and traffic signals to air quality monitors and video sensors.

The article also included fun technologies such as, “In Bristol, England, a custom-built infrared sensor system was added to street lamps for a few weeks in late 2014 to record the shadows of pedestrians walking by. The shadows were then projected back through the streetlights for others walking by later to see.”

While the article could never pin down a firm definition of what a defines a smart city, it is clear that technology companies are investing to make these cities a reality. This means leveraging new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage the vast array of devices and sensors that will bring the city to life.

The cost of a smart city can be significant. The article sites a $7 Million investment by Sprint for a wi-fi zone around just a 2.2-mile streetcar route.

With the advent of smart cities will come the expectation of a highly reliable infrastructure that is readily available to users as they move through their day. Testing of the various components of the infrastructure will be critical to a successful smart city.

Valid8.com is proud to be an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress this year. Our booth will be located in Hall 1, Stand 1D50. Be sure to stop by to learn about the importance of testing to Smart Cities. Valid8.com's testing suite enables simulated testing of devices and networks that will interact in the smart city.

If you are unable to attend the event, visit our website to learn more telecommunications testing in the connected world.


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