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Valid8.com to sponsor Amirah Spring Fundraiser Brunch Saturday, April 8th at the Ipswich Country Club

Valid8.com is pleased to be a corporate sponsor for Amirah, a non-profit organization based in the Boston Area that provides safe homes for victims of sexual exploitation. Amirah is hosting a brunch entitled, “2017 Voices of Hope” on Saturday, April 8th, from 10am to 12pm at the Ipswich Country Club. Representatives of Amirah will talk about, “the work being done to help women restore their lives as they journey from exploitation to liberation.”

As the Amirah website points out, the issue of exploitation is not exclusive to other parts of the world, but rather is “hidden in plain sight”. Women who became vulnerable due to terrible experiences at a young age at the hands of someone they trusted, or are in the grip of addiction issues, find themselves caught in a terrible cycle of exploitation, abuse and control with no easy way out.

Amirah offers, “every woman that comes into our home an individualized, trauma-informed, whole-person care approach to their program.” This program, which can take years, helps women overcome the emotional, physical and mental trauma of their experience. The approach helps with counseling, vocational needs, and transitioning from the Amirah safe community to a, “community that supports her as she restores her life.”

Valid8.com has been a sponsor of Amirah for the past few years and encourages anyone in the area to attend the 2017 Voices of Hope event.

To learn more about Amirah, or to donate to their worthy cause visit www.amirahboston.org.

We hope to see you at the event!


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