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New Telecom Conversion and Calculation tools on the Valid8.com Website

Regular visitors to the Valid8.com website will see some new additions to the tools section. The page now includes IP tools, Radio tools and SS#7 tools along with the previously available calculators and converters that were on the page. For telecom professionals, this delivers all the major conversion tools and calculators into one location, creating a one-stop resource for any needed converters or calculators.

The easy to use and intuitive interface provides the ability to perform the following:

  • Radio Tools – to simplify lookups for frequencies, the radio tools include EARFCN and RF band lookups as well as a comprehensive band reference.

  • SS#7 Tools – For companies that still need to work with older Telecom technology, the Signaling System No.7 tools can provide 14, 16, and 24 bit point code conversions.

  • IP Tools – The IP tools provides a subnet calculator for IPv4 and IPv6 as well as a tool for generating unique IPv6 local addresses as defined by RFC 4193.

  • Message Sequence Chart Builder – This tool is valuable for building MSC charts as part of the documentation process. The is able to take inputs in the following syntax and create a chart that can be saved as an *.SVG file.

  • Base Converter – the base converter provides hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary conversion and bi-directional Hex <-> ASCII text conversion. There is also the ability to toggle the bits in the 32-bit representation with a click.

  • Data Rate Converter – The data rate converter performs simultaneous data rate conversion between metric (decimal) and IEC (binary) values at various magnitude. This converter will also calculate channel capacity. The converter is built to handle arithmetic expressions such as ½ vs. 1.

If you a telecommunications professional and are losing time looking for any number of calculations or conversions, make sure you have bookmarked tools.valid8.com.

To learn more about conformance, load and performance testing, contact Valid8.com.


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